our performance-focused solutions

Business Performance


“Improving performance at the strategic level“

This series of workshops will improve performance at the corporate level. From discovering new opportunities, creating business plans to data-driven decision-making, we help organizations create and adjust business strategies to achieve sustainable growth and excellence.


  • Strategic Innovation & Design Thinking Toolkit (SIT)
  • Strategic Marketing Toolkit
  • Strategic Business Modelling & Planning Toolkit
  • Business Facilitation: DOME
  • Business Facilitation: Strategic Scenario Planning
  • Business Facilitation: Strategic Business Mapping


  • Big Data Analytics – Driving Strategic Decisions
  • Dynamic Project Planning

Leadership Performance


“Leading teams and organizations to performance excellence“

High-performance teams are crucial for the success of every organization – and by empowering leaders to run these teams, business can look forward to growth that is profitable, robust, and sustainable. Once you’ve got your business performance in check, it’s time to empower your leaders to run high-performing teams. This series of workshops will help leaders steer their teams and organizations towards strategic success through essential expertise such as project management and strategic leadership.


  • Emerging Leadership
  • Advance Leadership
  • Strategic Leadership

Specialized Topics:

  • Managing Gen Y – Increasing Multi-gen Engagement
  • High Performance Team – Driving an Excellence Culture
  • Change Management – Practical Tips & Tools for Transformation
  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni)
  • Leadership for Technical Professionals
  • CXO Boardroom Presentation Skills
  • True Colors – Optimizing Personal Leadership Potential


“Inspiring extraordinary performance

We believe in the power of instilling a coaching culture in organizations. Our methods focus on adopting unique performance-enhancing dialogues that will develop and nurture teams towards business excellence.


  • Executive Coaching
  • Coaching for Optimal Employee Engagement
  • Sales Performance Coaching
  • ICF Coaching Training

Sales Performance


“Cultivating a strong and resilient sales culture

Building a sales force that is strong, productive and effective is essential to increase brand awareness, strengthen business relationships, and ultimately, generate revenue. This series of workshops will equip sales professionals with the skills to manage, negotiate, and sustain long-term positive relationships with clients.


  • prospecting2win, referrals2win – Consultative Selling
  • pitch2win – Presentation Skills
  • Strategic Negotiation Skills
  • Strategic Account Management

Professional Performance


“Mastering the art of building great contacts

This series of workshops will arm professionals with key capabilities to connect with different people of varying backgrounds and ranks, with poise and finesse.


  • Executive Branding & Power Networking
  • Business Etiquette
  • International Protocol & Cultural Awareness

Game-Changing Performance


“Turning theory into real-world advantage

This series of workshops will integrate work-based learning, classroom-based learning and personal learning with technology. Because we believe in making learning both real and fun, we have established a gamification aspect to help participants contextualize their newly-learnt knowledge to real-life scenarios.


  • Effective Leadership
  • The Future of Learning

Mastery Performance

“Mastering financial advisory for top performers“

This series of workshops will enable corporate professionals to delve deeper into specialized subject matters. From financial services to business management, our workshops are intensive sessions that challenge participants’ knowledge, technical skills and soft skills.


  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Chartered Wealth Manager









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